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Getting started made easy.

Even though it is explicitly aimed at beginners, the Easy series is uncompromising in terms of quality. Despite being pared down to the main functional elements that are necessary for ultrasonic cleaning, this device is a powerful tool for many applications. The series includes a total of 14 device variants (115 / 230 V) with a bath volume of 0.8 to 69.1 litres. Devices with or without heating are available with bath volumes of up to 3 litres. Above a bath volume of 3 litres, all devices have heating. In addition, all devices larger than 6* litres, are equipped with a drain. 

* Does not apply to Elmasonic Easy 50R


Elmasonic Easy Serie

  • For the environment: With the new eco mode, quieter and gentler cleaning is possible, and the service life of the tank is extended. For stubborn dirt, the dynamic mode, with its optimised sound field distribution in the cleaning bath, comes into play.
  • User-oriented: The clearly set-out control panel makes ultrasonic cleaning easy. Visual and audible signals alert the user when the cleaning time or the cleaning temperature is reached and in the event of errors. The device switches off automatically when it reaches a bath temperature of 90°C.
  • Quick start after safety shut-down: In the absence of control inputs by user, the device shuts down automatically after eight hours. The LEDs go out and the device switches to standby mode. After the shut-down, or after a power failure, the device wakes up at the push of a button or the twist of a knob.

Elmasonic Easy R-Serie

  • Reliably prepare samples: „Sample preparation” is used to perform standard tasks such as mixing, dissolving, dispersing and emulsifying.
  • Thoroughly clean the test sieves: With „sieve cleaning”, the user can clean test sieves quickly and effectively, thus enabling reliable and reproducible analysis results.
  • Automatically degas liquids: Using „degas“, HPLC solvents can be degassed quickly, while „auto-degas mode“ ensures an automatic degassing cycle; for example, for newly added cleaning fluids.

Intuitive and clear operation.

The cleaning duration and temperature are easy to set and the cleaning process is started and stopped intuitively via the control panel. The control panel is also used for easy switching of the ultrasonic mode.


Practical accessories

baskets, holders, inserts, noise protection boxes, dryers, and cooling coils,

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Optimal cleaning chemicals

Elma cleaning chemicals for a wide variety of cleaning tasks in various industries

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Elmasonic Easy Product

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