Fascination Cavitation | The wonderful world of ultrasonic cleaning

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The passion for highest purity and a pioneering spirit have been deeply rooted in our DNA since 1948 and drive us every day. More than 75 years after Hans Schmidbauer founded the company, it is ultrasonic technology that forms our core competence alongside steam technology. Today, it is impossible to imagine industrial cleaning without non-destructive ultrasonic technology and Elma has found its place as a leading company in this field. Dive beneath the surface of the ultrasonic bath and enter the wonderful world of ultrasonic cleaning. Our Principal Engineer David Holly and author of the Elma ultrasonic magazine explains the technology step by step. He explains in an easily understandable way what exactly makes cavitation so fascinating and how it works. Below you will find a short reading sample - we will be happy to send you the Elma ultrasonic magazine in digital form.

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