Here at Elma we shine with our know-how.

The usage of jewellery goes back to the beginnings of humankind. And the development and manufacturing of devices for jewellery making and jewellery cleaning also goes back to the founding years of Elma.

Shiny metal or bright and colourful precious stones - fascinating materials, which are often crafted into small artworks, using great skill and artistic talent. What is particularly important here is that every little stone fits into its mount, and all residues of the manufacturing process are cleaned off, so that the gem can shine.

Jewellery makers

Whether it is for final cleaning or intermediate cleaning, we ensure "shiny results" with modular or customer-specific system engineering. Our cleaning product range is rounded off by efficient Elmasonic ultrasonic devices in several sizes and accurate steam cleaners with different pressure.

Elma cleaning technologies are for example ideal before galvanic coating procedures, as optimally clean surfaces are essential for the galvanically applied metal layers to adhere securely and long-term.

Jewellery ateliers and jewellers

It is possible in time and with frequent use for the beloved piece of jewellery to become discoloured, develop unsightly stains or for dirt to get stuck in the smallest and finest crevices. And following repairs, modifications or recreations of pieces of jewellery, residue of polishing pastes and oxidations must frequently be cleaned off. Intensive cleaning in the ultrasonic bath or steam cleaning with the Elmasteam devices, which is even gentler to materials, brings the shine back to the precious items of jewellery. Polishing devices and specifically developed cleaning agents round off the range with regard to production and during "jewellery finish".

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