Watch Testing and Service

Indispensable in every watchmaker workshop.

Elma is the traditional partner of the watch industry.

Therefore, in addition to the cleaning technology, the product range also includes many other watch testing and service equipment such as timing machines, water resistance test equipment and demagnetisers. All products are distinguished by easy to use design and reliable, easy to use function.


The demagnetiser for watches.

The beat accuracy of watches is influenced by magnetism. The mechanical movement should be demagnetised either in the assembled or dismantled state after every service and cleaning.

Particularly the balance spring, mainly for older movements, can have become magnetised over time. Any harmonic oscillation of the spring is then no longer possible: The watch does not run accurately. Tool can also represent a "source of danger" and transfer magnetism and should therefore be demagnetised before use with watch movements.

Elma Antimag demagnetises complete watches (attention: electronic quartz watches must not be demagnetised), dismantled movement parts, case and tools in milliseconds by pressing a button. 

    Leak Controller 2000

    Leak testing without risk.

    The Elma Leak Controller 2000 is used for water resistance testing of wristwatches and small clocks by clock manufacturers and watchmakers. The easy operation guarantees, for example, that trainees can make a reliable test after changing the battery and that the professional watchmaker has a reliable and maintenance-free tester for his workshop at the same time.