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Dental health has a direct impact on the health of the rest of the body. For this reason, hygiene is a fundamental prerequisite also in the dental lab and dental practice. Different cleaning tasks are required for hygienic instrument treatment as well as the production of prosthetics.

Dental practice

For example in the dental practice, dental instruments must be thoroughly cleaned before sterilisation. Drills are ultra-fine cleaned in a special drill bath before they are sterilised. Alginate removal from impression trays and plaster removal from instruments present no problem for Elmasonic ultrasonic devices using the cleaning chemicals specifically developed by Elma.

Products for dentists

Dental lab

In the dental lab, respective prosthetic materials like bridges, crowns and prostheses are created from impressions. To be able to process these cleanly, intermediate cleaning is performed either with the Elmasteam steam cleaners or in the ultrasonic bath with the Elmasonic ultrasonic devices. 

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