The passion for highest purity is still deeply rooted in the company's DNA today. With our vision of "Leading Cleaning Technology", we are continuing on our path to becoming the leading provider of cleaning technology.

Lighthouses show the way

In order to achieve this goal, there are lighthouses, which are intended to support navigation - these are sustainability, innovative strength, value creation and digitalisation. Sustainability takes ecological, economic and social aspects into account. The focus here is on future viability across generations. Innovative strength, the second lighthouse, aims to continue developing creative and innovative solutions.

Value creation is the third beacon on the way to becoming a leader in cleaning technology. We manufacture our products independently and flexibly with "Made in Singen" quality. The fourth lighthouse is called "digitalisation" and is of the utmost importance for an internationally competitive company. Digitalisation is therefore part of the company strategy in order to remain competitive with efficient digital business processes.

Navigation with the value compass

In addition to the vision "Leading Cleaning Technology" and the beacons of sustainability, innovative strength, value creation and digitalisation, the value compass provides the company with orientation for all Elmaners. The four cardinal points represent the values. The value in the south forms the foundation of the past and the future - cohesion. Cohesion helps us, not only in exceptionally difficult times. Cohesion is our great strength and has been for 75 years. It characterises the history of Elma and its culture.

The east and west of the value compass remind us of the balance in everyday life. The harmonious interaction with one another and the co-operative way in which decisions are made. In the east is the value of determination, we bring our knowledge together and make active decisions together. This power of realisation leads us into the future and helps us to expand. Trust is in the west of the value compass. We stand for trusting relationships based on commitment, respect, loyalty, appreciation and empathy. The north looks to the future and is characterised by curiosity. Curiosity and our associated adaptability and openness to new things give rise to innovation.