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The range of ultrasonic applications in the lab is varied. Cleaning, removal, homogenisation, degassing or emulsification - some of the applications used in a lab.

Our ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning agents are thus optimised for typical laboratory tasks and suited to finding problem solutions or to achieving reproducible test results.

Industrial laboratories

For intensive cleaning of glass apparatus, polishes, burettes and pipettes, our Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaners are used. The sound cleans everywhere the cleaning liquid is able to reach and thus even gets to interior places which are very hard to reach.

Our ultrasonic devices are also suited to lab applications like the HPLC solvent degassing, digestion of samples and emulsification processes. The product range is complemented by round ultrasonic cleaners with very even sound field distribution and cleaning agents from acidic to alkaline pH values specifically developed for the lab.

Analytical lab

Even difficult interior places and cavities can be reached with ultrasonic sound. Ultrasonic sound cleans everywhere the cleaning liquid also reaches. Particularly for sieve analysis, the test sieves must be clean without any residue, so as not to falsify the analytical finding. The extensive product range of Elma for cleaning test sieves is unique. Screenings can be removed from several sieves at the same time with a sieve rotation module, or individually in the specifically developed, round ultrasonic devices. The cleaning process is supported by the cleaning agents developed in Elma's own process laboratories. Even the most stubborn contaminations are thus safely removed. Special cleaners for volumetric instruments like pipettes for example can be rinsed off without residue.

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