Elmasteam Accessories

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Elma Steam Descaler

The Elma Steam Descaler and regular maintenance prevent the device from calcifying. The citric acid-based descaler is suitable for use with Elmasteam 8 basic and Elmasteam 8 med.

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Adapter set (with Luer-Lock connection)

Various nozzle attachments equipped with standard Luer-Lock connections facilitate the cleaning of difficult-to-access areas.

The nozzles are particularly suitable for cleaning the hollow parts of devices without Luer-Lock connection.

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Evaporating dish

In the steam cleaning process, steam condensate and removed contaminations are released into the environment.

With our specially designed evaporation dish, both steam condensate and dirt can be collected to a large extent.

The handpiece of the device can be inserted into the practical holder on the evaporatint dish during downtimes and is therefore always ready to hand for further applications.

The evaporation dish consists of three assembled components and is easy to empty or clean after use.

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The Elmasteam cleaning device (with integrated pump) can be filled automatically by using the water canister.

Thanks to the integrated level sensor, the connected Elmasteam cleaning device recognizes in time when the canister should be refilled, ensuring constant readiness of the device.

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Water filter cartridges

If hard city water is used for steam cleaning, lime-scale can quickly build up in the Elmasteam device.

We therefore recommend using Brita water filter cartridges when using city water. In this way, maintenance costs can be reduced and service intervals extended.

By reducing the water hardness and the mineral content, the Elmasteam cleaning device and the parts-to-be-cleaned can better be preserved (e.g. no more lime residues).

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