Pioneering spirit

- Made in Singen

Commissioned by the Süddeutsche Zeitung Institute, Creditreform has compiled a ranking of the 273 most innovative companies in Germany from 2,575 companies, and Elma Schmidbauer GmbH is in 20th place.

Elma, Pioniergeist, Made in Singen

Pioneering spirit

Curiosity, the drive for continuous improvement and questioning the status quo - these were the qualities that characterised Elma company founder Hans Schmidbauer. 75 years later, Mirja Schmidbauer, the granddaughter of the company founder, is now the third generation to run the family business.

"We were delighted to learn of our ranking and are grateful and humbled to be ranked 20th," says Mirja Schmidbauer, Managing Partner of Elma Schmidbauer GmbH.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes, among other things, "At a time when global challenges such as environmental pollution, health crises and technological upheavals are the order of the day, these companies can act as beacons pointing the way to a promising future."

Topics such as digitalisation, value creation, sustainability and innovation are the beacons for Elma that are guiding the company on the path to its vision of "Leading Cleaning Technology".

In addition to values such as trust, cohesion and determination, the value of curiosity plays an important role in value-orientated corporate management at Elma, where more than15% of turnover is invested in research and development.

While it was Hans Schmidbauer who developed the world's first watch cleaning machine in 1948, today it is Elma engineers who develop innovative products and solutions and set new technological standards with their passion for maximum purity.