Cleaning Agents for Opticians and Optic Manufacturers

In addition to carrying out minor frame repairs or adjustments, opticians are often required to clean lenses. Elma Opto Clean provides cleaner lenses and a clear vision – it gently cleans plastic and metal frames as well as coated glass.

In precision optics manufacturing, optics require residue-free cleaning even during production in preparation for subsequent processing. This is key to producing perfect precise optics.

Opto Clean - Universal Glasses & Precision Optics

Use Opto Clean - Universal for Glasses & Precision Optics in ultrasonic baths to clean lenses and frames for glasses, other optical lenses (including plastic and coated models, anti-reflective and hard coatings) and mounted precision-optical components.

Opto Clean gently removes grease and sweat residue and brightens tarnished metal frames and temples.

More about Opto Clean in the product information and in the safety data-sheets.

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Elma Clean 260 d&s

Elma Clean 260 d&s is suitable for cleaning metallic surfaces, including aluminium and light alloys*, glass, ceramic, mineral-based or plastic surfaces. It gently removes aqueous cooling lubricants, grease, oil and dust.

Elma Clean 260 d&s also removes lime soap deposits and prevents them from building up in the cleaning tank.

*Always test the compatibility of Elma Clean 260 d&s with magnesium alloys before use.

Elma Clean 270 d&s

Elma Clean 270 d&s gently removes resins, grease and oil residues, markers and labels, lime soap deposits and dust from glass, metal*, ceramic or plastic surfaces.

*Always test the compatibility of Elma Clean 270 d&s with magnesium and light alloys before use.

Elma Clean 275 d&s

Elma Clean 275 d&s is ideal for cleaning optics made from metal*, glass, ceramic or plastic.

This professional cleaning agent removes residues from grease, grinding and polishing agents, markers and labels, resins, tar residues and lime soap deposits, and it prevents their redeposition.

*Always test the compatibility of Elma Clean 275 d&s with aluminium, magnesium, light alloys and glass that is unstable in the presence of alkali before use.