Here at Elma we know how clocks are ticking

A particular dedication to precision and quality in every detail is what connects Elma with the watch industry, making the company an international leader in the field of cleaning technology and instrument engineering for the watch industry. The very own success story of Elma began in 1948 with an idea and two engineers. The Super Elite, at the time a completely new watch cleaning machine, took the world of watches by storm. This success is continuing to this day and is carried on with equal conviction and consistency, not least with the latest new development, the Elmasolvex!

Today, fascinating micromechanics for mechanical watches are created with high-quality materials and surface-treated metals with a sophisticated and complex design. This complexity of the clockwork components must be considered for the parts production as well as later for the service with regard to the cleaning process. Well-known manufacturers of the watch industry value this know-how, service and reliability provided by Elma, which has grown over decades.


When manufacturing mechanical watches, highest accuracy in a very tight space is the prerequisite for precision. Every gear wheel, pin and every screw must fit accurately into the housing. For this reason, finest contaminants and residues which can occur during production, must also be removed from these watch components, which must be cleaned professionally.

Whether it is series production or watch manufacturers - Elma offers the right cleaning solutions for watchmakers. Modular cleaning systems as well as those tailored to specific customer requests support the watchmaker with series production in the manufacturing process. For watch manufacturers with less throughput quantity of the watch components to be cleaned there are ultrasonic devices of different sizes of the Elmasonic device series as well as the professional watch cleaning machines of the Elmasolvex series. Cleaning chemicals which are specifically adapted to the applications perfect the ultrasonic cleaning.

The broad range of cleaning systems engineering and ultrasonic devices for intermediate and final cleaning is second to none.

Watch service and workshops

Central service workshops have been purchasing watch cleaning machines from Elma for decades. The machine series Elmasolvex guarantees highest purity levels for clockworks taken apart. The new vacuum machine (Elmasolvex VA) for usage of solvents or the automatic Elmasolvex RM and the manual Elmasolvex SE for watery/solvent-rich procedures are naturally developed according to newest guidelines of explosion safety, inspected and approved by TÜV.

In addition to watch cleaning machines and ultrasonic devices, Elma has its own development and production of cleaning chemicals, which correspond to most recent requirements with regard to effectiveness (result and service life), protection of the environment as well as range of applications.

Furthermore, in cleaning technology we place an emphasis on professional high performance steam cleaning technology for environmentally friendly cleaning free from chemicals. Numerous devices for the watch service, i.e. timegraphers, circulating watch winders and water resistance testing devices round off the range.

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