Elmasonic P

Elmasonic P 30 H

The most professional way of using ultrasound.

Equipped with special functions, the Elmasonic P units are the ideal assistant for tasks and applications in analytical and medical laboratories or for intensive cleaning in industrial areas.

The product line comprises 6 machine sizes and multi-frequency technology with 37/80 kHz for different applications. The standard applications are performed at 37 kHz while finer cleaning processes with increased cleaning time run at the high frequency of 80 kHz. The high frequency is also hardly audible (even when the cover is open). Special functions such as Sweep, Pulse and Degas can be individually activated and complete the equipment.

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  • Multifrequency (37/80 kHz)

    37 kHz and 80 kHz for typical and difficult analysing and cleaning applications.

  • Sweep

    For optimum sound distribution and cleaning performance in the entire ultrasonic bath.

  • Pulse

    Increases the peak ultrasonic performance output to remove even the most stubborn contaminants.

  • Degas

    For quick degassing of cleaning liquids and special laboratory applications (HPLC analysis).

  • Autostart

    The regular ultrasonic function starts automatically once the pre-set temperature is reached.

  • Heating

    Dry-run safe heating to support the cleaning process.

  • Drain tap

    Ensures easy and quick draining of the used cleaning liquid.

  • Cover as drip tray

    Inverted cover can be used as a drip tray. The collected cleaning liquid can be ecologically reused.

  • Elma Quality

    Additionally to the legal warranty period of 2 years, Elma offers free replacement of devices of this series within the first year from the purchase date in the event of material or legal defects.