Elmasonic Denta Pro

Elmasonic Denta Pro

Programmed professional ultrasonic cleaning.

The Elmasonic Denta Pro as variant of the Elmasonic S 30 has been specially developed for the tasks in the dental area.

In contrast to the Elmasonic S machine series, preset programs here make the daily work easier and guarantee a standardised cleaning process for each cleaning cycle. For example, the overtemperature protection switches off the heater in good time and prevents the hardening of the blood proteins.  



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  • Single frequency (37 kHz)

    Single frequency (37 kHz)

    For universal cleaning tasks and typical laboratory applications.

  • Sweep


    For optimum sound distribution and cleaning performance in the entire ultrasonic bath.

  • Degas


    For quick degassing of cleaning liquids and special laboratory applications (HPLC analysis).

  • Heating


    Dry-run safe heating to support the cleaning process.

  • Drain tap

    Drain tap

    Ensures easy and quick draining of the used cleaning liquid.

  • Cover as drip tray

    Cover as drip tray

    Inverted cover can be used as a drip tray. The collected cleaning liquid can be ecologically reused.

Ultrasonic frequency (kHz)37
Max. tank capacity (l)2.75
Tank operating capacity (l)1.9
Total power consumption (W)80/280*
Unit ext. dimensions W/D/H (mm)300/179/214
Tank int. dimensions W/D/H (mm)240/137/100
Basket int. dimensions W/D/H (mm)198/106/50
Weight (kg)3.3
*with heating