Elma Holders

Stay organised.

Ultrasonic baths are used to clean items with a wide variety of geometries. From small watch components and items of jewellery to conical flasks, test tubes and even dental products. The diverse Elma holders ensure that objects of all shapes and sizes can be securely positioned and arranged in the Elma Basket.

Optimum positioning of the items inside the bath is also a prerequisite for achieving the best possible cleaning results.

Jewellery Holder

Practical holder with 10 adjustable double hooks for hanging in the ultrasonic bath.


    Retaining Brackets for Erlenmeyer Flasks

    The clamps are made of stainless steel and are screwed onto the bottom of a cleaning basket.
    The curved spring holds the Erlenmeyer flask firmly in the retaining clip or in the basket.
    How many Erlenmeyer flasks/shaking bottles fit into the respective basket sizes with and without a retaining clip can be found in the FAQ "Erlenmeyer flasks".


      Holder for Dental Trays

      The stainless steel holder is suitable for several dental trays.