Elma Dry

Drying Units. Safe and efficient.

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Elma Dry - Trocknungsgerät

The Elma Dry units are available in three sizes (30, 120 and 300). They are designed for use in production facilities, workshops and service areas. After cleaning in the ultrasonic bath, the items in the Elma basket are first rinsed in the Elma Sink and then dried easily and conveniently in the Elma Dry.

Its cold/hot-air blower (70 °C) ensures that even delicate parts can be dried gently. In cold-air mode, the parts can also be cooled down quickly. The cover includes ventilation slits that maximise the air turbulence and discharge the humid air to the outside. At the same time, the cover reduces energy consumption.

The dust filter on the underside of the base is replaceable and prevents recontamination of the cleaned parts due to dust in the room air.

Due to the safety shutdown when the limit temperature is reached, Elma Dry units are both extremely safe and gentle on their contents.

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