Elma Mutebox

Noise protection box. Ingeniously innovative.

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Elma Mutebox - Lärmschutzbox

The new Elma Mutebox guarantees low-noise cleaning. Its quiet fan and optimal insulation make working with ultrasonic equipment a pleasant, health-friendly and quiet experience, whether for cleaning or sample preparation. In addition, the fan extracts condensation water and vapours to the rear.

Noise levels are reduced by up to 85 % with the Elma Mutebox (i.e. by a further 30 % compared to the previous model).

The interior lighting and glass door let you keep an eye on the cleaning process at all times.

Two independent access points ensure that the items being cleaned and the ultrasonic unit are always easily accessible.

The Mutebox, which we manufacture in-house, is made of high-quality steel and is easy to clean, thus also ensuring hygienic operation.

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