Watch movement cleaning 2.0

Reformulated and optimized cleaning and rinsing solutions by Elma

What do cleaning solutions by Elma look like in the age 2.0 of the watch movement cleaning?

Optimized and reformulated, both the cleaning solution elma wf pro and the rinsing solution elma suprol pro are now perfectly suited for the new ultrasonic and vacuum-based cleaning processes for watch movements with the Elmasolvex.

Today, mechanical watches are of challenging and complex design. High-quality materials and coated metals are used to create fascinating micromechanics. The enormous complexity of watch movement parts needs to be taken into account both in the parts manufacturing process and for later service cleaning. This is where the specifically developed cleaning technologies and cleaning and rinsing solutions by Elma come in:

The chemical constitution of the new waterfree elma wf pro has been improved with regard to its temperature tolerance. The new cleaner stays stable even in adverse temperature and humidity conditions. There are no milky or unwanted precipitations even after long usage. Furthermore elma wf pro removes even highly resinified oils and has an deoxidizing effect with non-ferrous and precious metal alloys.

The optimized rinsing solution elma suprol pro has an enhanced absorption capacity when removing solvent-based cleaners. Thus the technical rinsing performance is clearly improved. The specialty of elma suprol pro are the revised distribution characteristics which enable a quick and effective drying in the interior zone of precise watch movement parts.

The two solutions are qualified both for the use with ultrasound and vacuum and for the use with the new cleaning process applied by the Elmasolvex VA. In the Elmasolvex VA ultrasonic and vacuum technologies are combined. The vacuum technology improves the ultrasonic cleaning effect and shows advantages at rinsing and drying steps of this Ex-protected device version.

What else speaks for elma wf pro and elma suprol pro – the positive attributes of the cleaning solutions are preserved when used with the multi-chamber cleaning devices Elmasolvex RM and Elmasolvex SE which both work without ultrasound.