Three world firsts for cleaning watch movements

Elmasolvex systems offer maximum explosion protection for use with typically flammable cleaning agents.

Elmasolvex VA

Elmasolvex cleaning machines take into account typical production-related applications for watch movement cleaning as well as the after sales service.

The Elmasolvex VA was developed for manufacturers and service centers who require ultrasonic cleaning. Elmasolvex RM was created for service centers and watchmaker workshops, while Elmasolvex SE is meant for watchmaker workshops that clean lower volumes of movements.

The Elmasolvex VA is the technically most advanced system. This watch cleaning machine uses multi-frequency ultrasound for regular component cleaning as well as a separate frequency for very delicate parts that require special handling (e.g. reflective surfaces, very small openings).

The parts are cleaned in a chamber in which cleaning and rinsing solutions are changed automatically. Programs are configured and launched quickly and easily using a high-resolution colour display. The system provides reliable default programs and an expert mode that allows watchmakers to configure and save their own tried and tested parameters.

A special feature is the fact that the cleaning cycle, all rinse programs and the drying cycle are carried out in vacuum. The chamber is in vacuum during all the process steps to remove even the smallest gas bubbles from the parts , cavities and even the mesh in the cleaning baskets. This ensures that cleaning and rinsing solutions reach every part of the item that is being cleaned. In addition, multi-frequency ultrasound is available for every step, including rinsing (1x cleaning, 3x rinsing).

The last step is drying which is also completed in vacuum, the boiling point of the rinsing solution is reduced and the items are gently dried at a lower temperature.

Ultrasound and vacuum are a perfect technical combination not just for cleaning, but also with regards to maximum explosion protection. Ultrasound is technically regarded as a form of heating and is required to undergo extensive monitoring and safeguarding procedures in line with the latest state of technology. An open monitored system without special nitrogen flooding is conceivable, but too extravagant. There is a technical solution: using a vacuum takes the explosive atmosphere out of the system. Integrated technical safety controls ensured that the machine received external certification (by TÜV Rheinland).

However, safety does not stop with explosion protection, the operator must be considered, too. Even very fine solvent fumes that exit the machine and might no longer be potentially explosive can pose a risk to operators if they breathe in the fumes over an extended period. Elma offers an extraction solution for all machines. It can be connected to any inhouse extraction system. If no internal extraction system is available, all three machines can be equipped with optional filters which allow the machines to run independently. Certified explosion protection and staff safety in conjunction with optimized vacuum ultrasonic cleaning are a great help when it comes to the manufacturing and servicing of increasingly valuable watch movements.

For service centres and watchmakers who prefer not to use ultrasound, Elmasolvex RM offers established multi-chamber technology to perform both solvent-based and semi-aqueous cleaning procedures. It also provides a program for epilamizing.

The ultimate iconic watch cleaning machine has been redesigned for small volumes and for items that only require manual cleaning. Not only does it contain an additional chamber (1x cleaning, 3x rinsing, 1x drying), but it also offers a sophisticated manual operating concept.

All Elmasolvex machines come equipped with CE-compatible explosion protection and additional extraction connections to the outside or via the optional Elma filtering system.

Elmasolvex – Redefining the watch movement cleaning.