Elmasonic xtra TT

Elmasonic xtra TT 60H

Powerful tabletop units in a class of their own.

Elmasonic xtra TT tabletop ultrasonic devices are designed for use in production environments, workshops and servicing.
All functions and cleaning parameters like time and heating preselection and ultrasonic frequency are arranged user-friendly on the control panel on the front of the device where users can set and monitor them at a glance.

  • Permanently integrated Sweep function for uniform distribution of the ultrasonic effect in the entire ultrasonic bath.
  • Switchable Dynamic function increases the peak ultrasonic performance.
    This improves the effectivity of cleaning and makes it possible to remove even the most stubborn contaminants.
  • Individually settable limit temperature with LED warning indicator on reaching the temperatur.
    Sensitive parts like jewellery or plastic parts are handled gently.
  • Clearly arranged, control unit that is protected from spraying water.
  • Temperature-controlled Auto-Start function:
    the ultrasound starts automatically when the preselected temperature is reached.
  • User safety with safety shutdown

With their ultrasonic performance of 37 kHz, Elmasonic xtra TT devices are rated for continuous heavy-duty operation.
The tanks are made of special stainless steel, which makes them robust with a long service life. If they are used in single-shift operation, they are guaranteed for three years.

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  • Single frequency (37 kHz)

    Single frequency (37 kHz)

    For universal cleaning tasks and typical laboratory applications.

  • Sweep


    For optimum sound distribution and cleaning performance in the entire ultrasonic bath.

  • Dynamic


    Due to automatic changes of Sweep and Pulse function, the ultrasonic performance is enhanced and the cleaning effect is increased.

  • Autostart


    The regular ultrasonic function starts automatically once the pre-set temperature is reached.

  • Heating


    Dry-run safe heating to support the cleaning process.

  • Heavy-Duty


    Very resilient and powerful devices for applications with high material stress.

  • Drain tap

    Drain tap

    Ensures easy and quick draining of the used cleaning liquid.

  • Warranty


    For devices of this series, Elma extends the legal warranty period from 2 to 3 years.

 xtra TT 30Hxtra TT 60Hxtra TT 120Hxtra TT 200H
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz)37373737
Tank operating capacity (l)
Max. tank capacity (l)3,06,514,018,0
Ultrasonic power effective (W)140150200300
Heating power (W)4004008001200
Unit ext. dimensions W/D/H (mm)360/230/250420/250/300440/340/350420/390/330
Tank int. dimensions W/D/H (mm)240/130/100300/150/150300/240/200320/280/200
Max. basket loading (kg)
Basket int. dimensions W/D/H (mm)196/112/39257/132/74262/222/114280/250/114
Weight (kg)