NEW - Elmasteam 8 basic!

Powerful steam jet cleaning with 8 bar!

With the Elmasteam 8 basic it is possible to: Clean · Rinse · Dry

All with only one device.

All-in-one: The Elmasteam 8 basic.

With 8 bar steam pressure, the Elmasteam 8 basic steam jet cleaners are ready for even challenging cleaning tasks. Without the need for chemicals, the steam cleans smoothly and perfectly your parts. It is thus suitable for almost every surface and material. The devices are able to remove even tenacious soiling.

  • 8 bar steam pressure,
  • individually adjustable cleaning modes and steam pressure,
  • optionally integratable compressed air function
  • and thought-out accessories 

ensure perfect cleaning results.

Find out more about our new steam jet cleaner - the Elmasteam 8 basic!