75 years Elma

The inexhaustible curiosity and drive of continuous improvement has been deep in our corporate DNA for 75 years. Precision, perfection and customer orientation are our beacon.

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Elma 75 Jahre - Elma 75 years

Passion for highest purity. Since 1948.

Hans Schmidbauer was a tinkerer and always had a large portion of curiosity in his blood. He was never satisfied with the status quo. And so it came as it had to come. The trained watchmaker noticed that the process of cleaning watches and their small parts was laborious. And so it made sense for him to build a product. This was the birth of his own company, the Factory of Electrical Machines, Elma. His first product, the Elma Super Elite, paved the way for the young company’s success. The name Elma became a household word among watchmakers, and today there is hardly a watchmaker who does not know Elma.

Elma’s success story started in Singen (Hohentwiel) and developed continuously over the years. In the early 1960s, the first successful steps were taken in the field of ultrasonic technology, the core competence of today’s Elma. In 1973 there was the first handover of the baton within the family to Manfred Schmidbauer. The son of the company’s founder continued to shape the company and expanded internationally to more than 80 countries today. Since 2021, the third generation, Mirja Schmidbauer, has been at the helm, leading the company into the digital future with competence and foresight.


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