Elmasonic X-tra line precision

Multi-frequency system for industrial fine cleaning.

With 2 multi-frequency options (25/45 kHz or 35/130 kHz), round bath corners, highly polished surfaces and specially designed hard piping for all components, Elmasonic X-tra line precision systems are ideally equipped for handling fine cleaning applications. Residual liquid runs off easily to avoid entrainment.

Elmasonic X-tra line precision systems are available in 2 sizes (30-55 litres). They can be operated via the control panel with LCD display or externally using IPC control and an integrated data logger.

Thanks to its modular design and peripherals specifically designed for ultra-fine cleaning, such as hot-air dryers with special particle filters, IR dryers or enclosures with laminar flow boxes, the Elmasonic X-tra line precision can be retrofitted to respond to changed requirements.