Elmasonic X-tra line Flex 1

X-tra Flex 1

Ultrasonic cleaning with oscillation.

The modular single cleaning station is designed for industrial use and is available in four sizes (550, 800, 1200 and 1600). Equipped with multi-frequency 25/45 kHz (MF2) and an oscillation device for the cleaning basket that supports the cleaning effect of the ultrasound and provides a drain position for the stainless steel basket; the Elmasonic X-tra pro modules are ideal for various cleaning tasks.

Up to 5 user-defined cleaning programs can also be created and called up as well as functions such as Sweep, Pulse and Degas. Other product features such as

  • ultrasonic bath made of special stainless steel with high cavitation resistance (V4A)
  • bottom run-off of cleaned sediments (optional)

complete the range.

  • Features
  • Different ultrasonic modes

  • Multifrequency

  • Power regulation

  • Heavy-Duty