Elmasonic X-tra line Flex 2

Compact ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing with oscillation.

The compact Elmasonic X-tra Line Flex 2 small machine is ideally suitable for cleaning in the workshop area and for reconditioning cleaning. The Flex 2 unit enables multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning in the first bath and the rinsing in the second bath. An additional shower increases the scavenging efficiency.

A plug-in precleaning unit provides the possibility to use an Elmasteam steam cleaner. Just like Elmasonic X-tra Line Flex 1, five user-defined programs and the Sweep, Pulse and Degas functions are available.

Thus, manual cleaning is possible efficiently and conveniently in even the most cramped space.

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  • Multifrequency (37/130 kHz)

    Multifrequency (37/130 kHz)

    For cleaning stubborn dirt and sensitive surfaces.

  • Multifrequency (25/45 kHz)

    Multifrequency (25/45 kHz)

    Removes even stubborn contaminations and cleans sensitive surfaces.

  • Power regulation

    Power regulation

    The ultrasonic power can be individually regulated for cleaning sensitive surfaces.

  • Sweep


    For optimum sound distribution and cleaning performance in the entire ultrasonic bath.

  • Pulse


    Increases the peak ultrasonic performance output to remove even the most stubborn contaminants.

  • Degas


    For quick degassing of cleaning liquids and special laboratory applications (HPLC analysis).

  • Heating


    Dry-run safe heating to support the cleaning process.

  • Heavy-Duty


    Very resilient and powerful devices for applications with high material stress.

  • Drain tap

    Drain tap

    Ensures easy and quick draining of the used cleaning liquid.

 X-tra Line 300 Flex 2X-tra Line 550 Flex 2X-tra Line 800 Flex 2X-tra Line 1200 Flex 2X-tra Line 1600 Flex 2
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz)25/45 or 37/13025/45 or 37/13025/45 or 37/13025/45 or 37/13025/45 or 37/130
Max. tank capacity (l)
Total power consumption (W)23003900680093009500
Unit ext. dimensions W/D/H (mm)1000/770/11001000/940/12001000/940/15001450/1070/15001450/1070/1700
Tank int. dimensions W/D/H (mm)327/332/250327/501/295327/501/445519/600/303550/600/456
EKO basket int. dimensions W/D/H (mm)248/258/188248/428/224244/424/372436/509/222436/509/372
Weight (kg)160.0180.0210.0400.0450.0