Elmasonic X-tra line Flex 1

Ultrasonic cleaning with oscillation.

The modular single cleaning station is designed for industrial use and is available in five sizes (300, 550, 800, 1200 and 1600 litres). Equipped with two design variants: Multi-frequency 25/45 kHz (MF2) or 35/130 kHz (MF3) and an oscillation device for the cleaning basket that supports the cleaning effect of the ultrasound and provides a drain position for the stainless steel basket; the Elmasonic X-tra pro modules are ideal for various cleaning tasks.

Up to 5 user-defined cleaning programs can also be created and called up as well as functions such as Sweep, Pulse and Degas. Other product features such as

  • ultrasonic bath made of special stainless steel with high cavitation resistance (V4A)
  • skimming ledge for optional surface run-off of e.g. oils
  • bottom run-off of cleaned sediments (optional) complete the range.
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 X-tra Line 300 Flex 1X-tra Line 550 Flex 1X-tra Line 800 Flex 1X-tra Line 1200 Flex 1X-tra Line 1600 Flex 1
Ultrasonic frequency (kHz)25/45 or 37/13025/45 or 37/13025/45 or 37/13025/45 or 37/13025/45 or 37/130
Max. tank capacity (l)
Total power consumption (W)23003900680093009500
Unit ext. dimensions W/D/H (mm)500/770/1100500/940/1200500/940/1500730/1070/1500730/1070/1700
Tank int. dimensions W/D/H (mm)327/332/250327/501/295327/501/445519/600/303550/600/456
EKO basket int. dimensions W/D/H (mm)248/258/188248/428/224244/424/372436/509/222436/509/372
Weight (kg)80.090.0110.0200.0220.0