Elmasonic xtra ST

The powerhouse. Robust and powerful.

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Elmasonic xtra ST - Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

Elmasonic xtra ST is an ultrasonic device that can remove even the most severe contamination and is therefore ideal for extreme dirt loads in the field of industrial cleaning.

With the two selectable ultrasonic frequencies, a diverse range of cleaning tasks can be successfully completed.

  • For stubborn dirt, such as the removal of lapping and polishing pastes, 25 kHz is selected.
  • At 45 kHz, sensitive surface materials can be gently cleaned and degreased.

Different modes, such as Pulse, Sweep and Dynamic, offer more individual options to achieve a perfect cleaning result.

The oscillating tanks are made of stainless steel with increased wall thickness and boast a high degree of robustness and durability.

    Elmasonic xtra ST Accessories

    Always holistic and system-oriented. Elma is redefining ultrasonic cleaning.

    The peripherals and accessories for the Elmasonic xtra ST take the entire cleaning process to a new level. They not only increase productivity in the cleaning process – their consistent use also significantly reduces operating costs, increases user-friendliness and protects the environment.

    Elma Move

    Oscillation makes it possible to utilise the full power of ultrasound for optimum cleaning results.

    With Elma Move, the cleaning basket moves vertically through the ultrasonic bath at a rate of nine strokes per minute.

    In ultrasonic baths, alternating areas of uneven ultrasonic exposure are formed due to the underlying physics. If the items to be cleaned are moved cyclically through these zones with Elma Move, a maximum homogeneous cleaning effect is achieved.

    The basket can be loaded with up to 35 kg of items to be cleaned.

    Elma Move is available in different sizes for all units from the Elmasonic xtra ST 300H to the Elmasonic xtra ST 2500H*. Existing Elmasonic xtra ST devices can be easily retrofitted.

    *) except the Elmasonic xtra ST 1900S


    Elma Filter

    Longer bath service life. Minimised tank wear. Higher productivity with lower operating costs.

    With a flow rate of 400 litres/h, the self-suction pump with high availability runs continuously during ultrasonic operation. At the same time, the flow is continuously monitored. The contaminated cleaning bath (including fine particles) is extracted and cleaned via the filter. The cleaned liquid is returned directly to the bath and if the filter needs to be changed this is indicated. The standard filter cartridges (10 inches) can be easily replaced without a service technician.

    The advantages are obvious as continuous filtration increases the service life of the cleaning bath. The cleaning bath needs to be emptied and replenished significantly less often, which leads to considerable savings in terms of water consumption and the purchase of cleaning chemicals.

    By removing particles from the bottom of the tank, it is better protected against erosion. This significantly increases the service life of the tank. The filtered particles can be collected in a targeted manner and recycled, which is particularly advantageous in the case of precious metals.

    Elma Table

    Ever practical. Always ergonomic. Flexible cleaning processes.

    With the Elma Table, you are no longer slowed down by physically separate pre-cleaning and drying processes.

    After pre-cleaning, the items to be cleaned can be lifted directly from the Elma Table into the ultrasonic bath at the same working height. As soon as cleaning in the Elmasonic xtra ST is complete, the items can be ergonomically lifted onto the Elma Table for cooling, rinsing or drying.

    The Elma Table is available in three different sizes, including two devices for mobile use and one for tabletop operation. The device can be positioned to the left or the right of the Elmasonic xtra ST as required thanks to the castors.

    Depending on how the Elma Table is set up, the splash guard can be easily adjusted at any time. The drip tray has a 3/8-inch drain and is easy to clean thanks to the removable drip trays.

    The Elma Table is made of high-quality V2A stainless steel and is easy to clean. The Elma Table is simple and easy to set up.

    Elma Rinse

    With Elma Rinse, rinsing with DM water couldn’t be easier. Before and after ultrasonic cleaning

    Elma Rinse can be easily integrated into the Elma Table. Alternatively, it can also be mounted to the wall or on a table.

    The two hand showers are each operated with municipal water or demineralised (DM) water. The hand showers each have 2.3-metre-long hoses and swivel couplings, so they offer maximum flexibility during the rinsing process.

    The included cartridge for demineralised water can be replaced accordingly and has a capacity of 1,300 litres at a water hardness of 330 μS/cm.

    Elma Rinse has a flow rate of 300 litres per hour. Elma Rinse increases the quality of the cleaning results with spotless cleaning.