Cleaning Agents for Jewellers and Jewellery Manufacturers

Ultrasonic cleaning plays an essential role in jewellery creation and manufacturing, and different types of materials and contaminants call for the right detergents.

Our range of cleaning agents ensures both intensive cleaning and optical brightening of precious metals.

Elma Clean 75

Our Elma Clean 75 cleaning concentrate is used in ultrasonic baths to remove dirt particles, grease and oils (plant-, animal- and mineral oil-based fats) as well as residues from grinding, polishing or lapping (Parisian Red and other polishing pastes and waxes).

It cleans every piece of jewellery thoroughly and brightens precious and non-ferrous metal parts.*

*Elma Clean 75 is not suitable for jewellery made of zinc, aluminium, light alloys or soft/delicate stones such as pearls, corals, f, etc.

Elma Clean 85

Elma Clean 85 is an alkali- and acid-free ultrasonic cleaning concentrate which makes it ideal for cleaning precious and costume jewellery. It reliably removes residues of grease, polishes, polishing rouge, lapping agents, abrasives, and sweat. Elma Clean 85 is also excellent for cleaning plastics.

It is odourless, biodegradable and very gentle to the skin.

Elma Super Clean

Elma Super Clean is an aqueous, ammonia-based cleaning concentrate for universal cleaning of gold, silver and jewellery that contains hard gemstones.

It brightens tarnished gold, silver or alloys and removes grease, emulsions, dust and sweat residue.

Elma Ultra Clean

Elma Ultra Clean cleaning concentrate is cyanide-free and mildly alkaline. It gently cleans gold, platinum or iridium jewellery (also with precious stones) in immersion baths with or without ultrasound.

Elma Ultra Clean reliably removes wax, resin, grease, polishing agents, machining emulsions, sweat and dust, and gives an ultra-bright shine to gold jewellery.

Elma Noble Clean

This acidic detergent cleans intensively and brightens jewellery and alloys made from precious metal within seconds. The cleaner is also available in a handy 1-litre round bottle with a wide neck for immersing jewellery and cutlery. After you rinse the precious metal parts with cold water, the temporary anti-tarnish finish will prevent tarnishing for a long time.

Elma Noble Clean is cyanide-free and provides relatively equal results to highly toxic jewellery cleaners containing cyanide.