Acid resistant insert tanks

Special insert tanks made of PP plastic that are particularly suitable for parts cleaning or for surface treatment with aggressive liquids such as acids. The acid-resistant insert tanks are simply filled with the required acid, placed in an ultrasonic bath with water and sonicated via the contact liquid (the water). The parts to be cleaned are placed in the insert tank and the ultrasound develops its effect (within the insert tank).

By using the acid-resistant insert tanks, the ultrasonic tank is not damaged by the acid and the ultrasonic cleaning device remains ready for use for a long time.

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Immersion baskets

Immersion baskets made of stainless steel or plastic are characterised by a tighter mesh. Small parts can no longer fall through the gaps in the mesh.

Due to the round shape of the immersion baskets, they can also be used for immersion cleaning, for pre- or post-treatment of small parts in a beaker. This means that the parts to be cleaned can remain in the immersion basket throughout the entire process and the user has as little direct contact as possible with the cleaning chemicals.

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Insert cover

The insert covers are made of robust, easy to clean stainless steel. Up to two cleaning glasses can be used with this cover. This allows cleaning parts made of different materials simultaneously but separately.

In addition, the insert cover returns the condensation water produced during the cleaning process back into the tank.

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Cleaning glasses

The cleaning glasses are made of glass so that they can be used very well for cleaning with aggressive chemicals (acids or alkalis) or for removing abrasive agents, so that the ultrasonic tank will not be damaged. In addition, cleaning glasses are often used for cleaning small parts in order to use the cleaning agents as cost-efficiently and environmentally consciously as possible.

The cleaning glasses can either be placed directly in the cleaning basket or let into the ultrasonic bath by means of an insert cover.

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Cleaning cups

The cleaning cups are made of plastic and are ideal for cleaning smaller parts. In several cleaning cups, different parts with different cleaning chemicals can be cleaned simultaneously.

The cleaning cups have a lid and can be placed directly in the cleaning basket.

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Silicone mats

The thin, soft silicone mats can be placed in cleaning baskets to protect sensitive cleaning parts and prevent them from being damaged by the basket.

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