Elma Cover

Elma has you covered.

Compatible covers in various designs are available for each ultrasonic cleaning unit.

The cover performs a variety functions. It reduces the noise level during the cleaning process by up to 54 %. Furthermore, the underside of the cover serves as a catch tray for dripping water – simply place the Elma Basket on the upturned cover once the cleaning process is complete. However, the cover also returns evaporating water to the ultrasonic bath. This saves energy and thus reduces costs.

Plastic Cover

The covers for ultrasonic devices are available in 3 colours and 2 shapes. They can be used as a drainer.

    Noise protection cover

    Noise protection covers are available for the device sizes 500 and 900. They can be retrofitted as a self-assembly set and are attached to the ultrasonic device to save space.

      Stainless Steel Covers

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