Further Disclaimer for Forwarding Your Contact Details to Third Party Countries

For the country in which our business partner is headquartered and your personal data is processed, there may not be an adequacy decision of the EU Commission within the meaning of Art. 45(1), (3) GDPR. That means that the EU Commission has so far not positively determined that the country-specific level of data protection is in accordance with the countries of the European Union on the basis of the GDPR. Moreover, the in-house processes of our business partner do not currently implement the data protection provisions approved by a supervisory authority, standard contracts of the EU or other appropriate guarantees within the meaning of Art. 46(2), (3) GDPR, that are required according to the GDPR for transmission of data to a country outside the EU or EEA. Therefore, the risks involved are, in particular, the following:

  • Your personal data could possibly be transmitted to another third party by our business partner for processing beyond the real purpose of your request, for example, your data could be used for advertising purposes.
  • You may not be able to assert or enforce your rights as a data subject (access rights, deletion right etc.) against our business partner.
  • There may be a greater possibility that it can be used for incorrect data processing, since the technical and organizational measures of our business partners for protection of personal data are not quantitatively and qualitatively as comprehensive as the requirements of the GDPR.

With your consent, you confirm, that you knowingly accept the foregoing and, if applicable, the additional unforeseeable risks of transmitting your data to our business partner outside the EU or the EEA.