Legal Notices and Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our company. We would like to inform you briefly about the terms of use for our website.

Terms of Use

The website “” is an information service provided by Elma Schmidbauer GmbH, Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 17, 78224 Singen, Germany (hereafter referred to as “Elma”). The following terms and conditions apply to the access to and use of this website provided by Elma (hereafter referred to as “website”), the provided information and documents (hereafter referred to as “content”).

In some cases, additional conditions may extend, modify or replace these terms.

By accessing and using this web page (with or without logging in) you agree to these terms and conditions.

Registration/password-protected login

Some pages of the Elma website may be password-protected. Access to these pages is restricted to registered users. There is no entitlement to registration. Elma reserves the right to require registration to access pages that were previously freely accessible. Furthermore, Elma has the right to revoke access authorization at any time and without specifying any reasons by blocking your credentials, in particular if you as a user
- made false claims during registration,
- violated these terms of use or neglected your duty of care with regard to your credentials,
- violated applicable laws in the access to or use of this site, or
- have not used this site for an extended period of time.

You are required to provide truthful information during registration and to inform Elma immediately of any subsequent changes.

After successful registration you will receive your username and password (hereafter referred to as “user data”). You are required to change the password received from Elma when you first access the site. Choose a new password known only to you. In the user data section you can view and modify your personal information.

You must ensure that user data cannot be accessed by third parties, and you are responsible for all activities carried out using your user data. You are required to exit the password-protected area when you are finished. If you become aware that third parties are misusing your user data, you are required to inform Elma in writing without delay (and in advance by e-mail, if necessary). Elma will then immediately block access to the password-protected area under the affected user data. Access can only be restored after you send a separate request to Elma or re-register with the site.

You can at any time request the cancellation of your registration provided that deletion is not in breach of any other terms and conditions. Elma will then delete all user data and any other stored personally identifiable data as soon as they are no longer required.  

Using content items

The content provided via the website is freely accessible to everyone, with the exception of the password-protected web pages. Elma reserves the right to correct or modify the website content at any time. By using this website you agree to the changes and corrections.

The content of the website is in no case to be understood as a purchase offer. It is rather a general presentation of Elma as a company and Elma's product and service offerings.

Elma grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use information and software provided on this website to the extent that such use complies with the purpose pursued by Elma when making said information and software available.  

Rights to content items/intellectual property

The entire content of the Elma website is protected by copyright. Other rights (e.g. copyrights, usage, trademark or brand rights) with respect to the content items provided on this website remain with Elma or its licensors. This does not include content on the press page, which may be provided solely for journalistic purposes and may be used indicating the source.

Downloading or printing individual pages and/or sections of this website is permitted only insofar as it is conducted in accordance with the intended use. Copyright notices must not be removed or altered. Any copying, transmission or alteration outside the narrow confines of copyright law is prohibited without prior written consent by Elma.

All brands and trademarks that are protected by third parties are subject, in full, to the terms of the relevant copyright law and the right of ownership as applied to the registered owner in each case.  


You use the website at your own risk. Elma does not guarantee that the website and its content will be available at all times. Elma, in particular, is not responsible for the suitability of the content for a specific purpose, its accuracy and completeness, error-free transmission and that the content items are free of viruses.

Elma merely provides access to third-party websites and assumes no responsibility for other third-party content items and services provided via such links. Upon notification of infringement, Elma reserves the right to remove such links and content immediately.  

Exclusion of liability

Elma tries to ensure that information, software and documents provided on this website are error-free, correct, complete and do not infringe on intellectual property rights of third parties and that they remain available for use. Any liability for defects of quality and title of the information, software and documents is therefore excluded.  

Data protection

The website is hosted from within Europe. Further information on data protection and the use of cookies can be found here.  

Severability clause

If sections or individual formulations of this text do not, no longer or not completely correspond to the applicable law, the remaining parts of terms of use remain unaffected in their content and validity.