Elma helps in Ukraine

In the search for how Elma can make an active contribution to help the people in Ukraine, a shoe store in Singen has formed a valuable bridge.

As a company, we are deeply affected to see the ever worsening fates from Ukraine every day. As a medium-sized company, it is our social responsibility not to stand idly by. It was immediately clear that we would get involved. But it was a matter close to our hearts to do more and to become active. After asking Mrs. Kessler-Franzen, managing director of Singen Stadtmarketing e.V., how we could get involved, she put us in touch with Schuhhaus Ehinger.

It was a great pleasure to see how active Schuhhaus Ehinger was already here. Mrs. Ehinger had already approached customers here and activated her network of neighbors, friends and business partners to donate. In addition to the in-kind donations delivered, the monetary donations have already been used to purchase food at C&C Netzhammer and the dialysis center in Singen has generously donated medications, bandages and baby food.

We also got to know and appreciate Eveline Mertke through the Ehinger shoe store.  Her mother has been in close contact with Schuhhaus Ehinger for over twenty years. Her father, born in 1930, was the one who regularly sent aid shipments to Ukraine since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Proud and deeply moved, Eveline Mertke told us how this came about. "My father was in Ukraine during the Second World War and met many wonderful people there who were open and above all helpful to him. From this, lasting friendships were formed that lasted for many decades even after the end of the war, and my father also met my mother in Ukraine."

Eveline Mertke and her twin sister Olga were probably born with a sense of social responsibility and a connection to Ukraine. And so it must have happened that Eveline Mertke met her husband in Ukraine and that her sister-in-law runs a forwarding company in Ukraine, which regularly transports goods to Ukraine.  

On the part of Elma we were happy to have found in Eveline Mertke, in addition to Schuhhaus Ehinger, someone who had long-standing contacts in the Ukraine and who, with her husband, also had appropriate transport possibilities. In close coordination, we then put together a package of measures to make an active contribution here. Mirja Schmidbauer, managing partner of Elma, said: "We were very happy about this fortunate coincidence of having an important contact with whom we can now coordinate the measures closely and in a targeted manner. As before, I am simply stunned by what is happening here in Europe right now - I would not have thought it possible."

In order to centrally store the many incoming donations, Elma Eveline Mertke has made available free storage space in the production halls. Other companies from the region, such as WEFA, Daisy and C&C Netzhammer, have joined the campaign. At Gänseblümchen, a store for second-hand children's clothing, customers who left their goods on consignment donated and, in addition, some delivered baskets of material donations to the store. The coordination on the part of Elma and the transport of the donations in kind to the Elma warehouse was handled by Elma's trainees.

 "I am deeply touched by how the entire Elma team here also supports the project with monetary and in-kind donations. The first pictures from Rokossowo, where the donations were delivered, were very moving. I am very grateful that we can help and see that our help reaches the right people," says Mirja Schmidbauer.  

So now the warehouse is filling up daily and we can hardly wait until the next truck can be loaded. Interested companies who would like to join the Elma campaign can contact us at info@remove-this.elma-ultrasonic.com.

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