Responsibility for Society

As a family-run business we have strong ties to the Hegau/Lake Constance region and we endeavour to make a sustainable contribution to the promotion of the common good. As part of our efforts, we support specific facilities in the field of education and social affairs.


Good education and training form the basis for solid development opportunities in life, and Elma collaborates with universities and vocational colleges on various ultrasound research and economics projects. One example of such cooperation is the “Compliance in SMEs” project which the Constance Institute of Corporate Governance of the HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences completed and published in 2014. As a project partner of the HTWG, Elma was involved in the development of guidance and guidelines.

Social and cultural aspects

Through our commitment we would like to help improve the living conditions of children and young people, in particular, and promote intercultural exchange. This is why we support various local facilities and events with social and cultural objectives.