We combine economic and ecological factors in order to reduce our impact on the environment throughout the entire value chain. We see our compliance with legal requirements and regulations. The issues of work safety, environmental protection and health & safety, in particular, are essential components of all our business and engineering processes.

We pursue three key goals with regard to environmental protection:

Optimizing the use of resources in the production phase for our devices and systems

In addition to the legal requirements for separate collection of hazardous waste and detecting harmful substances, our administrative and production processes are designed to create minimal environmental impact.

Our focus is mainly on water and energy which we use selectively and sparingly. Our chemical production processes use a solar system to heat fresh water which is required to manufacture various chemical solutions. Two large water tanks store warm water over several days. This is how we managed to reduce our energy cost by about 50-60% and significantly lessen our CO2 emissions.

Optimizing the use of resources in the utilisation phase for our devices and systems

We ensure minimum environmental impact of products across the entire value chain. Our goal is that our devices and systems contribute to resource and environmental protection.

The finished devices and systems are designed to provide a long service life. Using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials is an important consideration even in the early stages of designing systems and devices. As equipment reaches its end of life, it can then be easily dismantled and the different materials can be disposed of or recycled.

Optimizing material use in the cleaning process

At Elma, we formulate our own cleaning agents to create – in conjunction with Elma technologies – customized cleaning processes with perfect cleaning results.

The aqueous cleaners come typically in concentrated form and are biodegradable. To remove larger quantities of oil, we use additional demulsifying cleaners, which together with appropriate oil separation devices significantly increase the life of the ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Waste management

Whether table-top units or large industrial cleaning systems, our devices and equipment are typically used for specialized cleaning tasks in our target industries. Our customers use them to clean a wide variety of parts and components in order to prepare them for further processing. The removed contaminants are detected in the cleaning process. They can then be collected and disposed of responsibly as hazardous waste.