The Elma Commitment to Quality

For over 60 years Elma has been developing and producing ultrasound and steam cleaning equipment and cleaning plants, with a focus on ultrasound and steam cleaning technologies. In addition to the numerous devices and plants for a range of industries, we also formulate high yield, concentrated cleaning agents manufactured at our own production facility.

Our "made in Germany" cleaning concept are environmentally friendly and the components used in the equipment, systems, and cleaning concentrates are carefully selected and of the highest quality.

The quality is seamlessly reflected in the entire process chain. We ensure quality and safety of our products through our quality management system and our DIN ISO 13485 certification. Here you find our certification for DIN ISO 13485.

However, our clients and their satisfaction are our primary concern.

Keeping an eye on the market

Once we have ascertained our customer’s needs a technical concept is developed and finally realised. The focus is on functionality and technical design, at a reasonable price-performance ratio and without any compromises in terms of quality.

Developing products to meet our customers’ requirements

Our products are developed together with our customers. Following comprehensive preliminary tests in our factory, the products are tested by selected users. Only after they have been approved, the products come into the market.

Production excellence

Our products are exclusively manufactured by highly qualified employees and controlled in individual final inspections. As a consequence, Elma was awarded the TOP Innovation Award by the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

Developing solutions together

Elma sells solutions. When in use, our customers expect the equipment to function optimally in order to meet the cleaning tasks or the desired laboratory applications. Within the framework of our pre-sales service we offer customers the opportunity to develop the optimal solution together with us in our extensively equipped applications laboratory.

Allround customer service

Our technical support is there for all our customers’ queries about equipment, both technical questions and information on applications. However, even in the case of technical faults, our customers can always rely on friendly and competent advisors for quick and obliging assistance.