Reliability. Continuity. Respect. Honesty. Passion.

These are the values at which we align our actions and upon which we orient ourselves.

Our Corporate Values are the yardstick for our thinking and activities. They are the essence of what ties us together today and tomorrow.

Our success is based on our values which determine our interaction with customers and business partners as well as our interaction within the company.


We identify closely with our Mission Statement and with Elma’s Strategy. We reliably commit ourselves to achieving the best for Elma.

We are committed to our strategic decisions and incorporate them into our everyday working lives. We are reliable in all our statements and our actions and stick to our agreements.

We are true to our word, punctual and trustworthy. Each one of us pursues our agreed goals at all times.


We identify closely with the traditions and roots of Elma - a family-owned company. The Elma Corporate Principles are our daily guideline.

We act authentically and have confidence in our abilities.
We all

  • view our remits and functions as continuous source of process improvement
    (being a learning organisation in every field);
  • are able to overcome even difficult situations whilst maintaining an upright approach;
  • continuously work on our personal development.

Elma focuses on providing continuously further development for all its staff members. Hence Elma supports further training measures and offers the corresponding prospects and opportunities for professional development and space for career progression.


We are a family-run company in which everyone recognises and appreciates the tasks and functions of everyone else. We deal with people in a respectful, courteous and civilised manner.

We enjoy working in an intercultural environment and are open to people from different backgrounds. We acknowledge human diversity and respect ideas and views that are contrary to our own.

If disagreements or conflict situations arise, we work together to find solutions in line with the interests of the company’s success. We pass any criticism we may have in a timely, constructive and appropriate manner. In each discussion we try to achieve the most reasonable outcome for all involved.

The success of the Elma is the success for all of us. This is always communicated by the management team. Great emphasis is put on appreciation and recognition for everyone working at Elma.

We handle tools and goods with care and mind order and cleanliness in all departments. We constantly reflect upon our behaviour and cooperation within teams and interdivisionally across the company.


Elma is characterised by a climate of mutual trust in which opinions and points of views of all employees are appreciated. Honesty is an integral component of our everyday working lives, and we communicate constructively with colleagues, employees and executive managers.

We have the courage to address critical topics in an open way.

We behave authentically. Clarity and straightforwardness characterize our activities and the management.


We are highly committed to serving Elma for the best interest of the company. We are motivated by the progress Elma achieves due to joint efforts of all of us and as a result of focusing on what is essential.

We are open to and curious about new challenges. We are flexible, willing to embrace change and highly innovative. Changes are driven forward in a positive manner in line with our Corporate Strategy.