Our Employees are our success.

For us as a family-run business, strong partnership links with customers, suppliers, business partners and our staff as well as our commitment to ecologically sound and fair practices are the basis of our long-term success.

We provide an attractive working environment for our employees with opportunities for personal development. We take into account the individual circumstances of our employees and offer stimulating long-term employment opportunities. We also place great emphasis on the reconciliation of work and family life, workplace safety and the health of our employees.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Elma employs people from different cultures in different stages of life who add their individual experiences. This diversity enriches our corporate culture and contributes to our success, because innovation is based on the interaction of different skills, experiences and perspectives. We do not tolerate discrimination with regard to race, gender, age or other personal characteristics. We at Elma recognize and value equal opportunities for and the diversity of each individual.

Education and Training

We want to attract qualified employees and retain staff on a long-term basis. In line with this goal we support continuous development and learning.

As a Learning Organization we promote a culture of lifelong learning and train young people who have good chances of being hired.