Elma Corporate Principles

Our Corporate Principles are based on the values and future vision of Elma’s shareholder family Schmidbauer. These values and this vision support Elma since 1948. Furthermore they form the foundation of our corporate and management culture.

  • Across the generations Elma is an independent and family-owned company strongly committed to its core values of reliability, continuity, respect, honesty and passion.
  • Elma is a learning organisation continuously pursuing further development.
  • Elma sustainably and qualitatively increases its company value.

The Elma Corporate Principles elucidate our Corporate Mission – to make a sustainable contribution to our society. It also represents our Corporate Vision for the coming years and decades. All our actions are focused on this mission and vision.

Our corporate values are the basis of everything we do. Our values are exemplified from day-to-day by the management. It is also above all our values that characterize our interaction within the enterprise as well as with customers, partners and suppliers.

Our Mission

Our high-end products and services make a major contribution to the sustainable use of resources and to the creation of a cleaner world. As a dynamic employer, we help to secure stability in the region

Our Vision

  • We are the undisputed market leader in our target industries. Our products, services and know-how are at the cutting edge. We are characterized by innovative strength and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

  • We are an independent company operating all over the world.

  • We generate healthy and sustainable return rates.

  • We have clearly defined structures, areas of responsibility and processes.

  • Our employees are eager to learn, are highly adaptive and receive performance-based compensation. They possess the specialist expertise to meet our customers’ requirements and are supported by a management team with inspirational leadership skills.