NEW - xtra line 2

Discover the future of ultrasonic cleaning!

Designed for fine and ultra-fine cleaning tasks, the xtra line 2 can be flexibly deployed and extended due to the modular system concept (building block system) at any time. Different tank sizes can even be easily accommodated in one system, so that individualised systems are conceptualised.

The xtra line 2 offers a comprehensive range of accessories precisely chosen to meet individual customer requirements. Automatic filling/emptying of the tanks, metering systems with automatic filling level control as well as measurement and status monitoring of the media used contribute to ensuring that the optimised cleaning processes remain safe and stable. This provides consistent and reproducible cleaning results for validation purposes.

xtra line 2 is at home in the following industries.

  • Production of medical technology and precision optics,
  • In the aerospace industry,
  • Pharmaceutical industry,
  • Manufacture of watches and jewellery,
  • Electronics and metalworking industry, and much more.


Learn more about the new xtra line 2 - modular cleaning line.