NEW - Elmasonic xtra ST

Powerful single tank devices

with multi-frequency technology and the new Dynamic-function for heavy-duty applications

Elmasonic xtra ST

Elmasonic xtra ST

Elmasonic xtra ST floor-mounted ultrasonic devices are designed for use in a production environment, workshops and servicing. The wide range of features makes it easy and effective to work with these devices.

The Dynamic-function is new!
Sweep- and Pulse-functions run alternately on an automatic basis. The ultrasonic performance is temporarily increased by up to 20%. At the same time, the even ultrasonic sound field distribution in the ultrasonic bath enhances the cleaning effect.

Further features:

  • Multi-frequency at 25/45 kHz: individually settable frequencies depending on the cleaning job.
  • Sweep-function for optimum sound field distribution and cleaning performance in the entire ultrasonic bath.
  • Switchable Pulse-function increases the peak ultrasonic performance output. This uprating makes it possible to remove even the most stubborn contaminants.
  • Short heating times due to the high heating capacity with temperature regulation (30 - 80°C)
  • High user safety and easy to service 


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