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Market Launch

We are extremely pleased that comprehensive and practice-oriented accessories in the field of ultrasonic cleaning are now being introduced to the market. Congratulations to all those who have worked on this project. The market launch focuses on the cleaning process of cleaning, rinsing and drying with the products listed below.

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Elmasonic Zubehör - optimiert für optimale Ultraschallreinigung. Elmasonic Assessories - optimised for ultrasonic cleaning

Elma Basket
Elma's new basket is a step ahead. The baskets, which are manufactured in-house, have a punched pattern on the base and in the side walls. Together with a set of different pins, cleaning objects can be positioned individually and there are no limits to flexibility.

Elma Mutebox
The new Elma Mutebox ensures low-noise cleaning. A quiet fan and optimum insulation ensure pleasant, health-friendly working. Noise is reduced by max. 85% with the Elma Mutebox.

Elma Sink
The new Elma Sink is an important addition to the entire cleaning process. The tabletop unit is available in four different sizes S, M, L and XL. After cleaning in the ultrasonic unit, the basket can be lifted directly into the Elma Sink. Any residues of cleaning chemicals are then rinsed off there.

Elma Dry
Elma Dry drying units are available in 3 sizes 30, 120 and 300. After cleaning in the ultrasonic bath, the cleaned parts in the Elma basket are first rinsed in the Elma Sink and then dried easily and conveniently in the Elma Dry.


Enjoy discovering & experiencing!

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