Elmasonic Med - More safety for the patients.


- this is the stated goal of the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which was introduced in 2017 and will be in force from May 2020.

Just in time for the coming into force of the new Medical Devices Regulation, our - MDR compliant - Elmasonic Med* is coming onto the market, making us one of the 27%** of companies already equipped for MDR (EU) 2017/745.

But with the intelligent functions and features of our new Elmasonic Med we're going even further. For more safety for users, instruments and patients.

   *Medical device class I acc. to MDR (EU) 2017/745, valid from May 2020.
**See: institutes.kpmg.us/content/dam/institutes/en/healthcare-life-sciences/pdfs/2019/eu-mdr-whitepaper.pdf.