Elmasonic Easy

Ultrasonic cleaning made easy. The updated Elmasonic Easy with new product versions.

Elmasonic Easy, Elmasonic, Ultraschallreinigung, Ultrasonic Cleaning

Elmasonic Easy - Ultraschallreinigung / Ultrasonic Cleaning

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Ultrasound is Easy

The Elmasonic Easy product family has been fundamentally revised and expanded with new product variants as well as the round units. You can look forward to user-friendly products that focus on safety and the environment - Made in Germany, of course.

The new Elmasonic Easy product family completely replaces the old S and old Easy lines.


Improved ultrasonic cleaning

The new innovative stainless steel product baskets are characterised by improved ergonomic aspects and an increase in ultrasonic cleaning effectiveness. This entire basket system is 100% manufactured by Elma and the baskets are compatible with the Elmasonic Easy/S/P/Select/Med table-top units.


You can find more information about our new products on the Elmasonic Easy product site. Enjoy discovering the product site.