Clean safely and hygienically with Elma.

Clean safely and hygienically with Elma.

Elmasonic Med ultrasound devices and the cleaning concentrate Elma Dent & Med Clean – EC 55 ensure reliable pre-cleaning of medical, dental and surgical instruments and implants. Even the most stubborn contamination can be easily removed using the practical ultrasonic modes of Elmasonic Med.

The EC 55 offers a high-level protection already during pre-cleaning thanks to its fungicidal, bactericidal and limited virucidal properties. Thus EC 55 not only kills harmful fungi and bacteria, but also enveloped viruses such as the corona virus.*

Steam can also be used to clean in a safe and hygienic way. Water steam is free of chemicals and contaminations can be easily removed due to the high temperature and pressure of the steam. When used correctly, steam can also be used to kill fungi, bacteria and enveloped viruses.**

With the Elmasteam 8 med steam cleaning device, instruments can be pre-cleaned and even stubborn contaminations, such as burned-in tissue on electrosurgical forceps can be gently removed.

*s. VAH certificat EC 55
**s. RKI - List of approved disinfection processes