Family and Career

Work and family balance is of fundamental importance to Elma for we know that only employees who can reconcile both aspects will be motivated and successful. Therefore, achieving an appropriate work-life balance is an integral part of our personnel policy.  

Through flexible working time arrangements, including part-time and home office models, we offer an attractive work environment which flexibly fits the personal life circumstances of our employees.


Sport and Health

Sport and fitness are the foundation for a long and healthy life and bring balance to working life. We systematically promote the health of our employees with ergonomically adapted office furniture and a wide range of sports activities.

Our company sports program includes movement training, yoga, fascial fitness, compensation fitness and relaxation classes. And to further promote employee health and productivity, we offer in-house consultations with a company physician, health checks plus nutrition classes and prevention training.

Elma has partnered up with Hansefit so that our staff can avail of gyms and many wellness facilities at reduced rates nationwide.

Pension Planning

Elma supports its employees not only in future planning, but also in securing their retirement income. Longer life expectancy and declining birth rates contribute to the reversed age pyramid, which will result in a reduced level of services through the public pension system. To fill this income gap, we offer benefit packages that are individually tailored to each employee.