Final Theses at Elma

At Elma you can write a paper with practical relevance on a variety of topics, and together we can take visionary projects to the next level. You will agree on operational questions with us and your professor and then work on these in an academic and practice-oriented manner. Elma provides you with individual support from specialists – our staff. Many of the final theses cover the areas of research and development or design, but also production, project planning, and commercial affairs.

To write your Bachelor, Master or Diploma thesis with us, you will need commitment and expertise - as a scientist, engineer, economist or arts scholar.

See our job postings for current degree papers. 

If none of our thesis topics are quite right for you and you have concrete ideas for your degree paper with Elma, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application. In your application, please state your desired topic or your area of expertise as well as a desired time period.